Q: Why do I have to pay by credit/debit card?

A: Paying by credit/debit card insures the safety of the business transaction for both clients and our company as it is process through a secure banking institution.


Q: Do I have to pay by credit/debit card for every hour?

A: No. If you wish to pay your companion in cash for the rest of the time that she happens to spend with you, that is fine. We are not an escort agency, so she does not owe us a drop or split of her cash. Once again, the initial payment by credit/debit card is to ensure security. We keep our business discreet and professional.


Q: What if I book a call with a companion for an hour and I want to keep her for another hour and pay for it by credit/debit card again. Will I be charged another “call” fee?

A: Yes. Our company is charged a terminal fee for every transaction that is made through our credit/debit card system.


Q: Almost all agencies advertise “100% ALL REAL COMPANIONS” and then “bait and switch” (show you one companion in a picture and then send you another) and then tell you that you can’t get your money back. Will I be able to get my money back if I am not sent the actual companion in the picture?

A: Yes. Once again we are not an escort agency. We are the customer service liaison between you and the most beautiful independent companions throughout the nation. All of the women on our site have been hand selected by a group of people to provide the best looking, professional ladies and service to you. The description of the women as far as their measurements, hobbies, interest, and the services they provide to our clients are submitted to us by the women themselves. If their description is inaccurate, it will not be to their benefit. All the women know that it is our policy to use nothing but their RECENT real photos on our site and if they don’t, they will not be allowed to be posted to our site. We believe that you should get EXACTLY what you asked for. They will also be rated on a 5 star rating system provided by you “the client” and the companions ranked the highest will be in the “Top Rated ” section on our site. All ladies whose average drops below a “3” (for 3 consecutive months) will be removed from our site to ensure that, EVERY impression is lasting. Lastly, EVERY companion advertised on our site has been either interviewed in person or by video conference (webcam) to verify each companion’s looks and personality before they have been added to our site.


Q: Is this charge going to show up on my bank/credit card statement as a charge from an escort service?

A: Now that wouldn’t be discreet and professional would it? NO.


Q: What will it show up as?

A: Putting that information on here wouldn’t be, discreet, or professional either would it? What if someone you wouldn’t want to know is reading this site? You will know it when you see the charge or you can email us using the Contact Us page to find out.


Q: What if I pay and the companion does not show up at all?

A: You will be credited a full refund of your money.


Q: What if an emergency comes up and I have to cancel my appointment? Can I get my money back?

A: You will get back a partial refund. We will charge 40% cancellation fee from the total amount charged in which 20% will be sent to the companion you selected.