As a client, once you've signed up for a FREE membership, you can use our search options to find available companions in your local area and pay using the select major credit/debit cards shown. (Companion must be activated as available). Once you have selected your companion(s) and submitted your transaction, you will receive a text message & an email with your receipt, order number and companion(s) telephone number. The companion(s) you selected will also receive a text message as well with your contact name, address (or "INCALL" if you will be going to your companion), and telephone number.(ALWAYS check to make sure the companion you select provides the service(s) you are looking for before you submit your transaction.) As a companion, all you have to do is sign-in to your account, log yourself in as "available", and wait for your text message. If you receive a text message, the mean the client has already paid for your time. No more hassles!